Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here I've touched on a few cards that I think the prices are more important to watch. Don't forget that Stoneforge Mystic will be dropping in price with the new event decks coming out I'd move them for $15 while(if) you can. The event decks will affect the prices of the cards they contain so watch the prices of the following as they might drop: Stoneforge Mystic(2), Kemba, Kha Regent, Mirrian Crusader, Puresteel Paladin, Bonehoard, Sword of Vengence and in the next deck: Putrefax(2), Green Sun Zenith, Inkmoth Nexus, Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Obstinate Baloth(2).

Birthing Pod R - SCG $3 > $2 - Even though I still feel this card is going to drop, having played against it I got to see how powerful it is. I can see the Splicer and this working together.

Blade Splicer R - SCG $1 > .10 - I don't think this card will be going anywhere fast enough for it to be picked up anything more than $1.

Chancellor of the Tangle R- SCG $1 < $3 - This card has really shown itself in fauna decks. It's powering out Fauna Shaman, Lotus Cobra, and Stoneforge Mystic. This card can make some powerful opening hands.

Hex Parasite R - SCG $3 = $3 - The card is as low as $3 will it drop farther? It might because your opponent never plays into this guy and if you drop him t1 you won't get anything extra out of him other than your opponents playing around him.

Myr Superion R - SCG $3 > $1 - This card will keep dropping because of how restrictive it is to play.

Phyrexian Metamorph R - SCG $3 = $3 - This card is right around where I predicted it at and I don't think it will be changing much in price. It's already found a few decks that are playing it and some are cute nothing ground breaking.

Puresteel Paladin R - SCG $5 > $3 - Being in the new event deck isn't going to help his price right now. He might go up after rotation and people play a lot more equipment.

Spellskite R - SCG $10 < $7 - Wow did this card explode! I didn't take into the account that it makes most red cards look silly especially if you just use the blue mana to redirect the spells. And when he isn't protecting you or your other permanents. He can pick up a sword and start beating.

Surgical Extraction R - SCG $8 > $5 - Down it goes like I'm predicting its an okay card but it costs a card slot which I'd rather be doing something more productive in the game with. If you play it your deck has to auto lose to a certain card to justify playing it and you have to be playing a way to get rid of the card before you can remove it.

Batterskull M - SCG $25 > $20 - I can still see this card dropping even though it packs a big punch against aggro decks. After rotation and stoneforge has left this card might actually get played in multiples. It's even see play now in multiples in fear of losing it.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur M - SCG $3 = $3 - This guy still has the most powerful effects of all the Praetors and thus shouldn't be forgotten.

Karn Liberated M - SCG $25 > $20 And he fell like predicted but I think he has a little more room to fall before his price justifies his cost. He might see play after rotation.

Phyrexian Obliterator M - SCG $25 > $10 - I'm surprised this card hasn't dropped already maybe people aren't ready to give up the idea of MBC just yet.

Sheoldred, Whispering One M - SCG $3 = $3 This card hasn't made any apperances in a black deck and probably won't right now but that doesn't mean it needs to be ignored.

Sword of War and Peace M - SCG $25 > $15 - I was hoping this card would be better than just the protection abilities on it but I was wrong about that. It's still nothing to scoff at and can be very powerful just running past all those pesky birds.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here's my idea on where cards are going to go in terms of prices for the new set. I'll give you the current Star City Games price and the price I think it change to after the initial hype dies down.

Birthing Pod R - SCG $4 > $2 - I think the price on this card will fall as it won't be a major player in any deck right away but it could eventually see the price of $5 when it does find a home.

Blade Splicer R - SCG $2 = $2 - This is a fair price right now and seeing how he is in a pre-constructed deck his price won't go over $5.(see Student of Warfare)

Bludgeon Brawl R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Caged Sun R - SCG $4 > $2 - EDH Playable so the foils will demand more attention than the regulars.

Chancellor of the Annex R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Chancellor of the Dross R - SCG $2 > .10 - I don't know why this one is $2!?

Chancellor of the Forge R- SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Chancellor of the Spires R- SCG $1 = $1 - This is one of the more EDH-able Chancellors.

Chancellor of the Tangle R- SCG $1 = $1 - This one might even see constructed play thanks to Fauna Shaman.

Fresh Meat R - SCG $1 = $1 - I like this card but I don't think it's going to make a big splash.

Glistening Oil R  - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Hex Parasite R - SCG $6 > $5 - I can see this card holding its price with planeswalkers being as powerful as they are.

Invader Parasite R  - SCG $1 = $1 - This is an okay sideboard card against valakut decks.

Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer R - SCG $1.50 > .10 - This card really doesn't have a home.

Lashwrithe R  - SCG $4 > $1 - Phyrexian Obliterator seems like a better 4 drop if I'm going to be playing this many swamps.

Life's Finale R - SCG $2 > $1 - MBC has been trying for a long time on a good note this is a nice EDH card so foils of these will be worth a little more.

Melira, Sylvok Outcast R - SCG $2 = $2 - I think this card will be good against the rising mono-green infect deck. I expect it's price to hold.

Moltensteel Dragon R - SCG $1.50 > $1 - He looks like he can be really good but hes also very vulnerable.

Myr Superion R - SCG $4 > $3 - This card might make it into a deck but I don't think it'll break into the scene.

Norn's Annex R - SCG $2 > $1 - I don't think this card will work like people want it to.

Omen Machine R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Phyrexian Ingester R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Phyrexian Metamorph R - SCG $4 > $3 - I think this card will drop a little but it will see play somewhere especially in older formats theres already a combo forming with it.

Phyrexian Swarmlord R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Phyrexian Unlife R - SCG $1.25 > $1 - This card needs to find a home before the price jumps and there isn't one for it right now.

Praetor's Grasp R - SCG $4 > $1 - I don't see the hype behind this card right now. I guess I get to steal their equiment but I'm still wasting two turns not really doing anything.

Psychic Surgery R - SCG $1 > .10 - Bulk

Puresteel Paladin R - SCG $6 > $5 - I think this card won't go down much if that! It could really break onto the scene if the right deck uses it oh say Quest?

Slag Fiend R - SCG $4 > $1 - No home right now but it could be a powerhouse watch this one.

Soul Conduit R - SCG $1 > .10 - Maybe in EDH(foil) just for fun?

Spellskite R - SCG $5 = $5 - This card might hold as a solution to Splinter Combo.

Surgical Extraction R - SCG $12.50 > $5 - Extirpate was decent in it's day but it still doesn't effect what a deck is trying to do people will just find other ways to kill you.

Torpor Orb R - SCG $4 > $1 - This is a sideboard card and another solution to Splinter Combo.

Unwinding Clock R - SCG $2 > .10 - Bulk

Xenograft R - SCG $1 = $1 - Theres an ally combo with this card so the price might hold.

Batterskull M - SCG $25 > $20 - This is as good as they've been saying but I think the demand will settle the price just a little lower than they are asking for right now.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite M - SCG $6 > $3 - This card can hinder a lot of strategies but I don't see it going into any decks right after launch.

Etched Monstrosity M - SCG $3 = $3 - This will hold at bulk mythic price.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur M - SCG $5 > $3 - Costing 10 doesn't help this card but if it does sneak into play and live for a full turn it should let you win. Watch this card.

Karn Liberated M - SCG $50 > $35 > $20 - I think this card will keep dropping in price the longer it takes to find a use.

Phyrexian Obliterator M - SCG $25 > $20 > $10 - The price on this is already too much if MBC actually works it may hold the price of $20 if it fails it'll drop to $10 maybe below.

Sheoldred, Whispering One M - SCG $5 = $5 - This card is good and might even replace Grave Titan.

Sword of War and Peace M - SCG $30 > $25 - This will hold the price of the other swords and maybe even go up! The protection abilities are the most interesting part on this card but the triggers are powerful too.

Urabrask the Hidden M - SCG $8 > $5 - The abilities are attractive but would be better if it was cheaper(with a matching P/T).

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger M - SCG $4 > $3 - Bulk Mythic

I don't think the card will hold it's price as SCG has it set once the hype wears off. I think Sword of War and Peace will be the chase mythic of the set. Make sure to keep an eye on the big EDH cards(foil) you're sure to find someone who will want them. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Phyrexia deck in development! I hear the pros yammering about splinter twins pick them up while you can! Also it wouldn't hurt to grab pyromancers ascension and bloodchief ascension. They might have a better deck waiting for them with the next sets release. Speaking of which the prerelease is this weekend May 7-8 and it will be on sale the following week May 13th.

If you wanna read a little more on New Phyrexia check out the product information page at wizards here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beginners Deck

I think if you are just starting out a good deck to play that sometimes wins is a Tempered Steel deck.


4 Glint Hawk Idol

Artifact Creatures
4 Memnite
Phyrexian Revoker
4 Signal Pest
4 Steel Overseer
4 Vector Asp

Glint Hawk
4 Tempered Steel

Legendary Artifacts
2 Mox Opal

Basic Lands
18 Plains

Inkmoth Nexus

This deck is relatively cheap to build and can race even the best deck in the format Caw-Blade! The deck isn't the pricey the most expensive cards being Mox Opal and Inkmoth Nexus. It's an easy to concept to grasp just attack with dudes! The deck is a little more complicated than that but I'm sure if you can handle managing the attack step and using your artifacts to turn on Idol you'll come out with a lot of wins.

I'll be watching the comments so if you have any questions about the deck let me know.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Standard Magic deck, by Ralph Craighton


1 Adventuring Gear
1 Bonehoard
1 Sword of Body and Mind

4 Goblin Guide
1 Hero of Oxid Ridge
4 Plated Geopede
2 Spikeshot Elder
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Steppe Lynx
4 Stoneforge Mystic

4 Lightning Bolt

4 Koth of the Hammer

Basic Lands
5 Mountain
5 Plains

4 Arid Mesa
4 Marsh Flats
4 Scalding Tarn
2 Teetering Peaks
2 Terramorphic Expanse
*Decklist courtesy of Star City Games

I wanted to start with this deck because I think it'll be the easiest to change. After NPH hits I'd make these changes.
-1 Adventuring Gear
-1 Sword of Body and Mind
+1 Batterskull
+1 Sword of War and Peace

This is just a small change to get the ball rolling. Other changes I could think of making involve (P) mana creatures that have flying.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Estimated Price Changes

Here is the text from two cards I mentioned to pick up yesterday.

Artifact - Equipment (M)
Living weapon
Equipped creature gets +4/+4 and has vigilance and lifelink.
: Return Batterskull to its owner's hand.

This card has already gone from $9.99 on Star City Games to $19.99 in a day! Not to mention the pros talking about(albeit not as much as Mental Misstep).

Sword of War and Peace 
Artifact - Equipment (M)
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from red and from white.
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, Sword of War and Peace deals damage to that player equal to the number of cards in his or her hand and you gain 1 life for each card in your hand.

I think with both of these equipments out this will push the idea of maindeck artifact hate in standard. Even with artifact hate being abundant I'm sure Stoneforge Mystic will still be seeing a lot of play and will continue to rise. Also yesterday I didn't mention this as I was mainly talking about the new cards but I think Jace, the Mind Sculptor will drop in price. If you are expecting to get ~$75 out of this card I'd move it now.

If you have not yet seen the full spoiler you can see the text form of it at MTGSalvation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Phyrexia

I just seen the New Phyrexia spoiler and here are some predictions for some cards that I think will find homes right away.


1. I think all the (P) cost cards need to be watched. Mental Misstep is already the most talked about card I've seen so far its impact on Legacy is going to be huge. I would grab foils from people who don't know what it's worth at launch.

2. Batterskull: I think this card is gonna push Stoneforge Mystic to even higher prices.

3. Hex Parasite: A card that can punish planeswalkers right now is really good.

4. Lashwrithe: If MBC ever is to make a comeback this card will be there to help they needed a 4 drop.

5. Sword of War and Peace: This can make a fast clock for Caw-Blade deck.

6. Torpor Orb: This card is effective against Valakut and possibly Caw-Blade to a lesser extent.

7. Birthing Pod: Cheating creatures into play is always something to be watched.

8. Melira, Sylvok Outcast: Picking this up at $3 would be wise if Infect really catches on it could be a nice way to confuse their plan.


1. Karn Liberated: Not too many planeswalkers hold the $50 price tag. I'd move Karn while he still has it.

2. Phyrexian Obliterator: Black needs 4-drops but if MBC isn't competative we'll see this around the $10 range quickly.

3. Surgical Extraction: I can see this holding it's price if Vengevine was the current problem of todays format but I see this dropping to $8 maybe even $5.