Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Phyrexia

I just seen the New Phyrexia spoiler and here are some predictions for some cards that I think will find homes right away.


1. I think all the (P) cost cards need to be watched. Mental Misstep is already the most talked about card I've seen so far its impact on Legacy is going to be huge. I would grab foils from people who don't know what it's worth at launch.

2. Batterskull: I think this card is gonna push Stoneforge Mystic to even higher prices.

3. Hex Parasite: A card that can punish planeswalkers right now is really good.

4. Lashwrithe: If MBC ever is to make a comeback this card will be there to help they needed a 4 drop.

5. Sword of War and Peace: This can make a fast clock for Caw-Blade deck.

6. Torpor Orb: This card is effective against Valakut and possibly Caw-Blade to a lesser extent.

7. Birthing Pod: Cheating creatures into play is always something to be watched.

8. Melira, Sylvok Outcast: Picking this up at $3 would be wise if Infect really catches on it could be a nice way to confuse their plan.


1. Karn Liberated: Not too many planeswalkers hold the $50 price tag. I'd move Karn while he still has it.

2. Phyrexian Obliterator: Black needs 4-drops but if MBC isn't competative we'll see this around the $10 range quickly.

3. Surgical Extraction: I can see this holding it's price if Vengevine was the current problem of todays format but I see this dropping to $8 maybe even $5.


  1. i used to play magi the gathering everyday, the cards had beautiful art, much better than poke'mon or yugioh.

  2. I agree with fit magic is better than pokemon

  3. Magic isn't even comparable to Pokemon. Magic will always destroy Pokemon because it's an actual in-depth card game and Pokemon is just made to cash in on the game.

  4. Tried this game for a little while, a guy at uni here is big into it. I played his decks for a while till I finally beat him once. Next time he ran a sliver deck... I haven' touched the cards since.

  5. I prefer to play, magic the gathering :), anyway, I'm following you

  6. Cool cards. Post some pics in the next update :)

  7. why do the names have to be so complex?

  8. @Aamir yea I wonder how they come up with them? Alot of them are random..

  9. i used to play magic before. it's still interesting to keep up with the meta game. followed.

  10. I used to play Magic: The Gathering. I liked it for it's depth, moreso than something that you'd find on an elementary school campus.